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Time is money and losing time is losing money. When it comes to business and the Internet, having a slow or unreliable connection can have a severe impact on production. The fact is that many companies rely very heavily on their network whether they do business on the Internet or not. Having an unreliable connection can cause workers to go hours without being productive, which costs money. Those that do business on the Internet can definitely benefit from a T3 line.

A T3 line is a network setup that is much faster and more reliable than typical DSL or cable network connections can provide. The technology was developed as a telecommunications connection that provided better sounding phone connections, in time this was transferred to be a data line, which provides a higher quality data connection. Both data and voice services can exist in this type of system.

The reasons for a company to upgrade to a T3 vary, but stability and cost savings are in the top. The costs are not exorbitant, yet the usage provides a much better system. Since the speeds are up to 60 times that of a regular Internet connection, the ability to transmit large amounts of data within or without the network are easily achieved. Having a faster line has many benefits.

Since the speeds of the system are so much faster, the employee that has to work via the web can be more productive because his or her connection will not slow down. For internal network functions, uploading and downloading large files to servers runs in a matter of seconds rather than minutes or hours. This increases productivity because employees do not end up having to take a break while files are transferred.

The reliability of the system is also much greater than regular network systems. These are often dedicated lines that do not have interfering traffic from other customers. The uptime is better than ninety-nine percent with speeds as promised. Instead of having a day without network due to an outage in the neighborhood network, these lines are given priority when it comes to maintenance. They also run on a different network, which gives them another level of stability.

The security of having a dedicated line is much higher. Since the information that is passed through the system is encrypted at a high level, there is very little worry about data being compromised. In order for someone to intercept and steal the data, they would have to find a way to tap into the dedicated line, and the data would still be useless without the decryption algorithm.

Many companies also use these lines to develop a Voice Over Internet Protocol service between remote offices. Rather than paying for long distance and international calling, they will setup the system to include the voice services through the Internet. With the higher speeds, this allows them to dial directly to international and remote locations through extensions as if the offices were combined.

There are many benefits and cost savings for companies that invest in T3 line technology. The staff is able to be continuously productive and long distance phone charges can be eliminated between office locations. Faster speeds, lower costs, and higher productivity all save time and money.

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